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The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon - Motion Picture Arts Program
120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7M 0W2
Email: info@rais.ca

Phone: (306) 292-6744
Website: www.rais.ca

The new Motion Picture Arts Program represents a fundamental change in the way film school is delivered. The old model of a long and costly education simply does not make sense anymore. Much like our successful Audio Engineering Program, the 6 month Motion Picture Arts Diploma Program is tailored to give you all the technical skills and experience you need, without the high tuition costs and time commitments of an out of province school.

RAIS offers a highly focused and intensive curriculum, which allows students to create their own projects, while building their professional portfolios. We restrict the class size to ensure unprecedented one on one time with the equipment and industry professional instructors.

The Motion Picture Arts Program delivers the practical skills, techniques and technology necessary for the next generation of filmmakers to create, promote and distribute their work.


University of Regina - Film & Video Production;


Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance 
Department of Media Production & Studies
Room ED 243
Education Building
University of Regina
Regina Saskatchewan S4S 0A2
Phone: (306) 585-4796
Fax: (306) 585-4439
Email: film@uregina.ca
Website: http://www.uregina.ca/mediaartperformance/


Choose the only film production degree program between Vancouver and Western Ontario. Or focus on film studies in your degree to prepare for a career as a film critic, historian, or librarian, or to gain entry into professional programs such as public policy or law.

Realize. Your Film career starts here.

Study animation, documentary, digital media and traditional film making in the film production degree, while gaining a solid grounding in film studies and history.

Develop writing, research, and analytical skills in the film studies program, while focusing on the role film and cinema play in our lives. There is ample room for minors such as Arts Administration, or a double major, so you can add breadth to your program and extra value to your degree.

Whichever option you choose, the award-winning faculty and filmmakers of the Department of Film will help ensure your choice is the right one.

  • Develop your unique voice in a production medium or studies area in our collaborative environment and close-knit community
  • Work alongside students and faculty from across the University to develop complex responses to art, culture and technology in this era of convergence


Check the course catalogue for descriptions of Film courses. We offer courses from the introductory (100) to the advanced (400) level in both production and studies. Many courses at the 200 level or above are open to students without prior film studies. Some courses are restricted to film majors.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Film Production Major (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Film Studies Concentration (BA)
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours - Film Studies Concentration (BA)


There are Film-specific scholarships as well as general Media, Art, and Performance scholarships.


View class schedules and register for courses.




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