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Centre for Arts and Technology - Digital Filmmaking ;


Centre for Arts and Technology - Fredericton

130 Carleton St
Fredericton, NB
Canada E3B 3T4

Telephone: (506) 460-1280
Fax: (506) 460-1289
Toll free: 1-800-653-5081

Digital Filmmaking
Lights. Camera. Action. The digital revolution has arrived and you want to be at the forefront with one of the most powerful tools filmmakers have at their disposal today: digital video. Learn how in a real world movie studio setting of our Digital Filmmaking program. Here you will gain a foundation in film production techniques, theory and procedures of modern film and video production including equipment, crew positions and protocols necessary to work as entry-level crew members on film, video or TV location shoots.

The program also prepares you for work as a non-linear digital editor or for the pursuit of individual creative or entrepreneurial visions as an independent filmmaker, corporate/commercial production, and documentary filmmaking. Training includes non-linear editing, compositing and visual effects techniques with industry quality software technology. You will gain real-world experience by working on various projects that cover the entire production process, acting as a crew member on a number of shoots, in studio and on location. In the post-production process you will edit and composite on professional non-linear stations. Upon graduation of the program you will demonstrate traits shared by all independent filmmakers: personal drive, a passion for filmmaking, and a strong work ethic.
Earn your Digital Filmmaking Professional Diploma in only 12 months.


University of News Brunswick;


P.O. Box 4400

Fredericton, NB

E3B 5A3

(506) 458-7404

Fax: (506) 453-5069

A Faculty of Arts degree (Major only) in Multimedia Studies.

A Minor in Fine Arts with a specialty in film, combining production and film studies.

The film program, consisting of film studies and production courses, resides within the Department of English as a discrete unit but, through screenwriting, is associated with the Department's Creative Writing Program. The program is also affiliated with both the degree program in Multimedia Studies and the Minor in Fine Arts within the Faculty of Arts.

Saint John School of Rock & Film;


Saint John School of Rock and Film Inc.
274 Sydney Street
Saint John, NB
E2L 2M8, Canada
506.672.ROCK (7625)

The Saint John School of Rock and Film’s Certificate Course in Film and Media Production is designed to give students a fundamental overview of the various disciplines and processes involved in both dramatic and documentary film and media projects.

It offers students an intensive introduction to writing, directing, producing, cinematography/videography, art direction, sound, and post production – all vital elements in this most collaborative of all art forms. During the course of the term, experts in various fields will also offer seminars spotlighting individual aspects of these various disciplines. Students will work collaboratively on both their own and assigned projects, rotating production roles as they gain hands-on experience and insight into the many and varied aspects of film and media production.

During the second term the emphasis on production intensifies and students are encouraged to narrow their focus into particular areas of interest and career development within the industry, even as the emphasis on collaboration and production continues. Seminars conducted by guest experts continue, the emphasis on production and practical experience accelerates, and students begin to define and prepare for their future roles in the industry.



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