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Art Institute of Vancouver, The;


The Digital Film & Video Program is an intensive hands-on program of study that prepares self-starting, motivated students for entry-level positions in the digital film and television industry. Emerging grads are equipped with the skills and knowledge to seek positions with production houses, production companies, television stations, documentary ventures, and corporate and commercial video production companies. Throughout the program, students will be encouraged, through an ever-expanding curriculum that reflects the changing needs of industry, to write, shoot, and edit their own projects in a safe, creative, and productive environment. Students will learn to confidently navigate the evolving digital landscape with guidance from an experienced, qualified team of industry professionals, while learning the strategies necessary to survive in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Total Credit Hours: 75
25 courses – 15 months – 5 quarters

We are here to make sure that your college experience is the best it can be. Call us at 1.800.661.1885.

British Columbia Institute of Technology;



If you have a vision but don't know how to "reelize" it, this program could be for you. Do you have an idea for a film or television program, or do you want to learn more about the production process? The FilmFLEX program at BCIT will teach you the basics of production and post production using the latest in digital technology. You'll also learn about all the business aspects of the film industry so that once you have completed the program, you will know how to market your vision.

Every student receives a brand new technology equipment package at the start of the program that they keep upon completion. This enables our students to learn the best and newest digital filmmaking techniques on state-of-the-art equipment that they can continue to use once they have completed the program.
The film industry in British Columbia was involved in the development of the FilmFLEX program. Our mandate from that industry is to develop a new generation of independent producers for our province, capable of driving the growth of BC’s indigenous film productions.

British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5G 3H2, 604-434-5734


Capilano University – School of Motion Picture Arts;


Capilano University | 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V7J 3H5 Tel: 604.986.1911
Squamish | 1150 Carson Place, Squamish, British Columbia Canada V8B 0B1 Tel: 604.892.5322
Sunshine Coast | 5627 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt, British Columbia Canada V0N 3A0 Tel: 604.885.9310

The SMPA is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of independent Canadian filmmakers through the fostering and mentoring of emerging talent utilizing progressive learning environments and authentic production experience such that graduates make a valued contribution to the global media culture.

Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts


The Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts (BMPA) combines practice and protocol in the field, opportunities for technical, aesthetic, and creative innovation, and integrated theoretical and critical perspectives that allow graduates to be active contributing members of the industry, society, and community. The BMPA Degree is ideally suited to high school graduates, students who have tried other programs but want more specific training, and those who have some industry background and want to get a degree. The Motion Picture Arts Certificate program and the Motion Picture Arts Diploma program ladder into the Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree.

Motion Picture Arts Diploma


The Motion Picture Arts Diploma program builds upon the knowledge base the students have achieved in the Motion Picture Arts Certificate program, both expanding and enriching their skill sets. The Diploma program emphasizes the acquisition of a broad foundation in technical film skills, preparing the students for entry-level into almost every facet of film production, while simultaneously developing their creative and critical abilities in storytelling through the motion picture arts.

All applications should be made by 31 March 2014 to program 5901, Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts (irrespective of applicant's planned length of study - certificate, diploma, degree).

Motion Picture Arts Certificate


The Motion Picture Arts Certificate program is designed for students who wish to gain an understanding of the basic functions of a film set and the professional practices of an industry-standard production. Areas of study include story development, pre-production, production, and post-production, with a focus on film crafts (camera, lighting, sound, grip, sets, props, etc.) technical skills and professional behaviour. Lecture, labs and project work combine to create a realistic and effective learning environment. The goal is to prepare students for an entry-level position in the professional motion picture industry and to provide a foundation for independent filmmaking. This Certificate forms the 100-level of the Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree program and of the Motion Picture Arts Diploma program.

All applications should be made by 31 March 2014 to program 5901, Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts (irrespective of applicant's planned length of study - certificate, diploma, degree).

Cinematography for Film & Video Certificate


This eight-month two-term intensive program explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays into meaningful and stimulating motion pictures. The course covers all aspects of a cinematographer’s responsibilities and primes the student for their launch into indie features. Students have access to lighting and grip packages, and, starting right in the first term, every student will act as the Director of Photography on an assigned scene, with classmates serving as camera operators, focus pullers, dolly, grips and gaffer.

Program curricula includes technical subjects such as camera formats, film and digital workflow, lenses, filters, lighting and grip equipment and their proper use, movement and dollies, colour temperature, codecs and compression, RAW capture, green screen, 3D, and more. Other topics covered are documentaries, music videos, commercials, stunts, working with directors and crews, and getting an agent.

We have use of  a RED One camera, and Arri Alexas for 3D projects, Panasonic HPX170, Canon DSLRs, Sony F3, as well as Fischer 10 and Elemack dollies. We also bring in EPIC cameras and follow the digital workflow right through from first shot to the manipulation and colour correction of the final image. Capilano is one of the last film schools where a student can still shoot 35mm film.

Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking


The Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (IIDF) program, formerly Aboriginal Film & TV Production Training program, at the Bosa Centre has been providing basic production training for Aboriginal students since the spring of 2000. The program is a response to the expanding demand for trained professionals in all areas of the Aboriginal production industry. The industry is growing and so are the opportunities for creative, committed and skilled producers, writers, directors and technicians. The Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Program is committed to providing Aboriginal students with high-quality production training from the Aboriginal perspective. Instructors are experienced, connected and respected Aboriginal professionals working in the industry. Students participating in the program come from all regions of the country.

The original Certificate program has now been expanded and a second year has been added to the program. Students successfully completing the first year only will receive a Certificate; those completing both years will receive a Diploma; Students accepted directly into and successfully completing second-year will receive an Advanced Certificate.

Costuming for Stage & Screen Diploma


You’ve seen us at Sci-Fi and Animation conventions, on Global TV and on the many stage productions at the Blue Shore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts. Our graduates fill the many positions on professional Film crews. Now find out more about our unique Costuming program at information evenings in our costuming studio in the brand new Bosa Centre for Film and Animation.

Digital Visual Effects Diploma


Do you wonder how blockbuster films are made? Have you ever wanted to make your own films, create your own worlds and tell your own stories? Do you have an eye for detail, and a penchant for technical wizardry?

Documentary Certificate


Focusing on the expanding market for smaller scale productions from traditional to new media, the Capilano University Documentary Certificate program is designed to meet the needs of emerging documentary filmmakers in a rapidly-changing industry. 
Come learn how to realize your vision on screen in our new state-of-the-art Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation as you acquire the foundational skills needed to produce, direct, write and edit documentary or specialized productions in a mentored environment with award-winning filmmakers.

Fundamental Grip Work for Digital Imaging & Film


In June, the Bosa Centre offers two month-long summer intensive courses in Grip and Lighting for Digital Imaging & Film. Designed by industry professionals, these courses will prepare students with the technical know-how and hands-on experience intended to fast track their entry into the digital imaging and film industries.

These courses replace the previous 14-week Entry Level programs which are no longer offered:

Fundamental Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film Course (no. 6840)
Fundamental Lighting for Digital Imaging and Film Course (no. 6845)

Both the Fundamental Lighting  for Digital Imaging & Film and Fundamental Grip Work for Digital Imaging & Film run 5 days / week, 6 hours a day, including class time & practical exercises.

Fundamental Lighting for Digital Imaging & Film


In June, the Bosa Centre offers two month-long summer intensive courses in Grip and Lighting for Digital Imaging & Film. Designed by industry professionals, these courses will prepare students with the technical know-how and hands-on experience intended to fast track their entry into the digital imaging and film industries.

These courses replace the previous 14-week Entry Level programs which are no longer offered:

Fundamental Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film Course (no. 6840)
Fundamental Lighting for Digital Imaging and Film Course (no. 6845)

Both the Fundamental Lighting  for Digital Imaging & Film and Fundamental Grip Work for Digital Imaging & Film run 5 days / week, 6 hours a day, including class time & practical exercises.

General Inquiries

North Vancouver Campus and Administrative Offices 
Capilano University 
2055 Purcell Way 
North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3H5 
Tel: 604.986.1911 
TDD tel (for deaf and hard of hearing): 604.990.7848 
Fax: 604.984.4985

Squamish Campus 
Capilano University 
P.O. Box 1538 
1150 Carson Place, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0B1 
Tel: 604.892.5322 
Call toll-free from the Vancouver area: 604.986.1911, ext. 5800 
Fax: 604.892.9274

Sunshine Coast Campus 
Capilano University 
P.O. Box 1609 
5627 Inlet Avenue 
Sechelt, B.C. V0N 3A0 
Tel: 604.885.9310 
Call toll-free from the Vancouver area: 604.986.1911, ext. 5900 
Fax: 604.885.9350

Other Useful Numbers

University Switchboard: 604.986.1911 
Conflict Resolution Advisor: 604.983.7547 
North Shore Taxi: 604.987.7171 
Parkway Towing: 604.929.1134 
Pay Parking Services: 604.990.7887 (Fax) 
Sunshine Cabs: 604.987.3333 
TransLink: 604.953.3333 


Centre for Arts and Technology - Kelowna;


Centre for Arts and Technology;
email: kelowna@digitalartschool.com

Suite 100 - 1632 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1Y 7T2
Phone: 250-860-2787 or toll free at 1-800-653-4216
Fax: 250-712-1083

Where Talent Meets Creativity
Centre for Arts and Technology is an industry leading and respected Digital Arts School in Canada with industry designed diplomas in Animation for Game, Film & Visual Effects, Digital Filmmaking, Digital Photography, Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Studio Production, Event and Promotions Management, Graphic Design & Web Development, 2D Animation, Fashion Design & Merchandising, Interior Design, Web Programming, Network Security and other emerging entertainment industry and information technology careers. In the Centre's Digital Filmmaking program you'll gain a foundation in film production techniques, theory, and procedures of modern film and video production including equipment, crew positions and protocols necessary to work as crew members on film, video, or TV location shoots.

Our program also prepares you for work as a non-linear digital editor or for the pursuit of individual creative or entrepreneurial visions as an independent filmmaker, corporate/commercial production, and documentary filmmaking. Training includes non-linear editing, compositing and visual effects techniques with industry quality software technology. You will gain real-world experience by working on various projects that cover the entire production process, acting as a crew member on a number of shoots, in studio and on location. In the post-production process you will edit and composite on professional non-linear stations. Upon graduation of the program you will demonstrate traits shared by all independent filmmakers: personal drive, a passion for filmmaking, and a strong work ethic. Earn your Digital Filmmaking Professional Diploma in only 12 months.


Cinema Bootcamp;


Cinema Bootcamp;
email: cinemabootcamp@gmail.com

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Please send all Vancouver Video Class inquiries using our Register Contact Form.

Class locations
We currently use multiple studios in Vancouver area, we are never more than 10 minutes outside of downtown by transit.

Cinema Bootcamp is a DSLR film school. We are an affordable alternative to the traditional film school institution. Our Vancouver video classes are part time, low cost and high impact. Film industry professionals, photographers, film school students, and general hobbyists have all benefited from our intensive DSLR diploma curriculum.

All courses are designed and updated by the Dean Corey Ogilvie, 2 time Leo Nominee for Best Cinematography in a Documentary (2011 – A Requiem for Che, 2012 – Nash: A Documentary).

The cost-effectiveness of HD has entered a new era where anyone can become a great cinematographer. Two or three years ago, the Cinema Bootcamp curriculum would not have been viable. Today, you can own an DSLR camera, tripod, hard drive, pro lens and accessories for under $2000 (see DSLR Kits). Cinema Bootcamp can teach you how to master that camera for a little under $1000 (see Diplomas).
Join the DSLR Revolution, it has just begun.


Columbia Academy;


Columbia Academy
1295 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.  V6H 3X8
Phone: (604) 736-3316 or Toll-Free in North America: 1-800-665-9283
Fax: (604) 731-5458

E-Mail: administration@columbia-academy.com

FAST TRACK Video & Film Production Program
A one-year, Hands-On intensive training program covering all aspects of video and film production.  Students work on a minimum of six real projects: Commercial, Music Video, Corporate Video,  Documentary, Short Film, and Multi-Camera Event in order to gain experience in a broad range of production forms and graduate with an outstanding demo reel.

Students choose their own specialty training area: Director, Producer, Production (camera, lighting, sound), or Post-Production, and obtain a high level of skill in their chosen field by working not only on class projects, but on their own projects, on other students’ projects, and on client projects.  At Columbia Academy, students learn by doing.

Columbia Academy is locally owned and has been in continuous operation since 1967, launching the careers of thousands of successful graduates.




2225 West Broadway
Vancouver BC
V6K 2E4

Contact: http://www.creativebc.com/contact-us/crbc-contacts

The provincial government announced that effective April 1, 2013 the programs and services of the B.C. Film Commission and B.C. Film + Media would be combined under one agency;  Creative BC.  This is an independent agency that is responsible for promoting the development of creative industries in British Columbia and providing a single point of access for industry programming, production support services, tax credit administration, international marketing and policy development.

Creative BC brings a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of the province's creative industries.  We provide professional expertise and business support to strengthen BC's motion picture, interactive digital, music and publishing sectors.  Our programs,  services and investments act as a catalyst to help these sectors realize their economic and creative potential and contribute to the future prosperity of our province. 


Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design;


1399 Johnston St.

Vancouver, BC

V6H 3R9

(604) 844-3800

Fax: (604) 844-3801

Media Ads: film / video / sound/ film & computer animation / media history / / photography / special effects / broadcast design / story boarding


Gulf Islands Film and Television School;


Gulf Islands Film and Television School

C-12, S-43

Galiano Island BC



Toll Free



Mailing Address
S-43, C-12, RR#2, Galiano Island, BC CANADA V0N 1P0


Project Development



The Gulf Islands Film & Television School is more than a school - we are a film, video & animation production hub. Located on beautiful Galiano Island, BC, Canada, we offer intensive live-in programs throughout the year for youth and adults. Under the close mentorship of award-winning media professionals, our students are immersed in all aspects of the production process. Every student comes away from the program with a well-rounded set of creative skills and an original video to add to their portfolio. Our mission is to give students the means to fulfill their vision and talent, then sit back and watch as they astound us.


InFocus Film School


Come visit us at:

306 Abbott Street (Buzz Code: #3)

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 2K9


E-mail: info@infocusfilmschool.com

Phone: (604) 915-6900


InFocus’ mission is to provide a superior film education through accelerated, hands-on learning.  InFocus instructors mentor students through multiple assignments that culminate in a polished student portfolio. We encourage students to grow as visual storytellers; to realize their personal artistic visions, and to maintain creative autonomy.

The age of two-hour powerpoint presentations is over. InFocus' classes provide an interactive experience that includes theory, instructor-led demos, and follow-up assignments. Weekly labs solidify knowledge in a real life setting. Because no two students have the same aptitude, smaller class sizes allow InFocus to provide more individualized training. In addition, a tutorial assistant is on hand every day to help students apply what they have learned in class.

In storytelling, InFocus pushes students to take risks. Film isn’t supposed to be safe or easily defined. It’s about developing a unique voice that avoids mainstream formulas. It’s also about taking artistic risks and seeing what unfolds.

Check out www.infocusfilmschool.com for more info.

Langara Digital Film Production Program;


Annat Kennet - Program Coordinator
Digital Film Production
601 West Broadway, Suite L-4
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2
Tel 604 323 5561

E-mail: akennet@langara.bc.ca

Tel: 604.323.5561

Documentary Film Production

The Documentary Film Production Certificate Program (full-time) is Vancouver's longest established dedicated intensive documentary training program. A 16-week professional program designed for students from diverse backgrounds, with some or no film experience, who are passionate about factual filmmaking and wishing to pursue a career in the growing world of non-fiction film.

Students are mentored in an intimate environment through the training process. In order to achieve this we accept only 9 students per intake. Sessions run every May and September.


Digital Film Production Certificate

Vancouver's Digital Film Training offers professional up to date training in all aspects of digital video production to students from all backgrounds, ages and interests with a commitment to the film making process. Set in the busy filmmaking hub of Vancouver the Digital Film Production Program Certificate offers a 16-week full-time intensive training program that covers: drama, documentary, music video production, practical film production, digital post production and career skills and more.

This is a two-term program rolled into one, using a mentorship approach and taught by experienced award-winning professionals in small class sizes. This allows us to work closely with students and help them develop their personal, artistic, technical and commercial goals. Graduates work in the Vancouver Film, Canadian and International industries.

Production Design for Film and TV

Sessions only every September.

The Production Design Certificate is a one of a kind program in Vancouver, an exciting, 12 weeks hands-on program that trains students from an arts or similar background to work in the art department of a film or television production. This program teaches the aesthetics and process of production design, the roles and responsibilities of the art department crew, AutoCad and Sketchup computer software programs, and the skills required to gain an entry-level position in the art
department of a professional film or television production.

The program is designed and taught by established production designers, meaning students are provided with the most up-to-date industry information. Students will also have the opportunity to gain on-set experience on a digital film student production or with the crew of another film production that they may find. They will also prepare a portfolio book, learn how to create and maintain an online presence, and discover how to break into the industry.


Check out the student Showreel at YouTube on

Join us on Facebook. Langara College Digital Film Production Program


Langara College Film Arts Program;


Langara College
100 West 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Y 2Z6 For more information please:
Call the Department Chair at 604.323.5024
Call the Counselling Department at 604.323.5221

or send us an email;


"Film Arts is an eight-month intensive, collaborative and comprehensive program for students with previous experience or education wishing to work in film as actors, writers, and/or directors. The development and inspiration for the Film Arts Program grew out of Langara's Theatre Arts/Studio 58 Program and its successful conservatory approach to training actors and production personnel in theatre.

The Film Arts Program offers three streams of study: Acting, Writing and Directing.

Students collaborate on projects and engage in intensive study in their own craft area. Courses in film studies, industry practices, the principles and business of film production, and career preparation will give students in all streams the knowledge to embark on creative film careers.

Instructors are working professionals who bring their expertise and experience into the classroom. The Film Arts Program is for dedicated students committed to imaginative exploration and to honing and upgrading their skills and knowledge in film.

Students graduate with a high degree of proficiency in their chosen stream and are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and practical skills to ensure success"


Pacific Audio Visual Institute;


Pacific Audio Visual Institute
34 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1M7
Canada Call Toll Free 1 800 601.PAVI

Phone Number:  604.873.4853
Toll-free: 1-800-601-PAVI
Fax Number:  604.873.4295
General Email: info@pacificav.com

Film & Digital Arts Diploma Program

PAVI’s Film & Digital Arts Program has become a leading Vancouver film program.  Our comprehensive curriculum covers film production & financing, screenwriting, directing, lighting, editing, cinematography, contracts & union law, guilds and unions, film set and TV set skills, new media, film history, and more.  The depth and range of course content, combined with the dedication and enthusiasm of our industry professional instructors and guests, have made PAVI a top choice for film industry education.

Film & Digital Arts is a one-year, three-semester program consisting of 948 hours of hands-on and classroom instruction.  The program includes 12 courses, with 79 hours per course, and four courses taught per semester.  Students may take advantage of 2250 hours of lab time over and above their classroom hours.  Career management is an integral part of the curriculum; the objective is for graduates to leave the program with a professional portfolio, and a network of industry contacts already in place.  Qualified students may apply for an industry internship while in school, and PAVI refers top graduates for industry positions as they become available.


Pacific Design Academy;


Pacific Design Academy
1252 Wharf St.
Victoria BC, V8W 1T8
ph: 250-383-3631 / f: 250-383-3632

The Motion Picture Production Program is designed for students wanting to become fully qualified independent filmmakers, or are looking to launch a rewarding career in the film and television industry. The MPP Program will guide students through every step of the creative process, from that first spark of an idea through to distribution of the finished project. In addition to helping students hone their creative talents, the program also gives students an in-depth understanding of the business side of the industry, teaching them about legal clearances, funding sources, tax credits, budgeting, and how to successfully navigate through the legal entanglements of contracts, agreements, and financing to maintain ownership of their intellectual property. 

Through a series of lectures, workshops, exercises, and student projects, students will gain invaluable experience in scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, sound recording, set decoration, lighting and special effects, as well as learn about film theory and the subtle nuances of visual storytelling. Students complete several projects throughout the program, including a commercial, public service announcement, short documentary, and a number of short films, creating a body of work that can be used as a 'calling card' for future endeavours. Each student has the opportunity to write and direct their own final projects, and to experience a variety of on-set crew roles while working with other students and faculty mentors. Upon completion, students will be knowledgeable and skilled filmmakers ready to share their creative visions and talents with the world.


Praxis centre for Screenwriters;


Praxis Centre for Screenwriters is located in the SFU Woodward's Campus at W. Hastings and Cambie St. Suite 3305, 149 W. Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC

V6B 1H4

Ph: 778 782-7880

Fax: 778 782-7882

Email: praxis@sfu.ca

"Praxis originated in 1987 as a program of Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts, with core funding from the government of British Columbia. Our signature program is our Fall and Spring workshop series for feature film scripts, which bring together screenwriters from across the country to work with key film industry personnel in private and group sessions to develop both creative skills and marketing opportunities for their projects. Praxis Fellows have come from all ten Canadian provinces and the Yukon, and their advisors have covered a range from Hollywood screenwriters and directors to independent Canadian filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan and Don McKellar. Over thirty Praxis scripts have been produced – most recently Jacob Tierney's The Trotsky.


Selkirk College International Digital Film Program;


Selkirk College
820 Tenth St.,
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
V1N 3J1
Phone: 250-365-1282
Fax: 250-365-5410


International Education Department & School of
Digital Media, Music and Information Technology
Program Summary

The International Digital Film Program is an intensive two-semester advanced diploma program offered on the 10th Street campus. It addresses the growing trend toward, independent film-making, and increased interest in cross-cultural film content, approaches and experiences. The program provides training in digital film planning, creation and production, with an emphasis on documentary and independent film. Internationalization of course content and delivery is integral to the program. Students have the option of participating in a study abroad experience as part of their final project.

Program Objectives
The International Digital Film Program primarily prepares graduates to work in the steadily growing area of independent film. Graduates of the program also have varied career opportunities according to their areas of specialization and expertise. There are opportunities for graduates to pursue entry-level positions within the Canadian film industry.

Admission Requirements
Applicants must have successfully graduated from a degree or diploma program from a recognized institution, or have completed at least two years of post-secondary education. Prior coursework, and/or work experience in the area of multimedia production, fine arts, photography and/or video is required. Applicants without the required pre-requisites will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants lacking sufficient technical knowledge will be required to complete a technical orientation session prior to the beginning of the fall semester and/or additional coursework.

Screenwriting, Systems and Logistics, Global Film Studies, Beginning Editing, Advanced Editing, Sound for Film, Technical Fundamentals, After Effects, Directing and Cinematography, Business for Film.

Canadian Students: $4,500/semester International Students $5,500/semester

Cara Weston, International Education
Phone: 250-365-1282 email: cweston@selkirk.ca
Jason Taylor, School of Digital Media, Music and Information Technology
Phone: 250-505-1305 email: jtaylor@selkirk.ca


Simon Fraser University;


School for the Contemporary Arts

Burnaby, BC


(604) 291 3363

Fax: (604) 291-5907

Director: Owen Upderhill Instructors: Colin Browne, Rob Groeneboer, Patricia Gruben, Jacqueline Levitin, Mark Smith, Chris Welsby.

"The major in Film is designed to develop the skills that students need to become independent film makers, with an emphasis on the writing and production of original work, informed by a familiarity with film history, criticism and theory.

We approach technical training as a necessary component of film making. We also endeavor to teach professional skills which will give the students some foundation for work in the film industry. All three goals are served by film production courses in first, second and fourth year, and by elective courses at the third-year level in cinematography, screenwriting, film sound, directing and acting, and production management. We also have three video production courses."


University of British Columbia, Department of Theatre and Film


(604) 822-6037

UBC Film Mandate
At the UBC Film Production Program, our objective is to develop the student's intellectual, creative and technical skills as they prepare to embark on professional careers in the film industry. Courses provide students with core disciplines and filmic knowledge as well as practical experience in filmmaking. BFA and Diploma students produce and work on several films while in the Program. As their thesis, MFA students make an original film.
The Film Production faculty is made up of dedicated working professionals who maintain strong connections to the Vancouver film, television and new media industries.
Degrees offered: BFA, DIPLOMA, MFA in Film Production, MFA Film/Creative Writing

BFA:  Students learn the techniques, practices and theory of 16mm and digital filmmaking in lectures, technical seminars and through working on collaborative film projects. There are options to study more deeply in the areas of documentary filmmaking, alternative cinema, screenwriting and producing.  

MFA: The MFA in Film Production Program focuses on the areas of directing, screenwriting and producing for students who already have a comprehensive background in filmmaking and wish to pursue a specific creative or intellectual vision in an academic environment.

UBC Theatre-Film Production Program
6358 University Blvd
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4

Disruptive Filmmaking. A 7 Day Film School;


Learn filmmaking from an award winning filmmaker, one on one. I'm outside the box and totally disruptive. 

Regular film schools are obsolete. There is no need to spend a year learning stuff you are not interested in, and that you will never use. Compare it to high school..... when was the last time you used algebra? Film schools will teach you stuff you don't need to know. And in classes, you are restricted to the learning speed of the slowest one in the class.

I teach filmmaking, one on one. Or one on two. (You can share the cost with another student.) 

In 7 days I can teach you how to make a feature film. You will learn everything you need to know, and save thousands of dollars. You can use about $3500 of your savings to buy everything you need to make a TV quality movie. (You don't need an expensive camera.) And you can spend your other savings to make short films and even a feature film. 

On my site, you can watch a feature film which I shot with a crew of one! It cost $2200, including a custom written and performed song. 

Your training will be custom designed just for you. We can put the emphasis on documentaries, comedies, dramas, music videos, web series, or whatever you want. Or you can concentrate on shooting, directing, or editing. 

You will also learn how to market your movies online. (Most of what others do doesn't work. You will find out why.)

The first step, look over my website.  You will learn some things for free, and be entertained too!

The cost of your training will vary, depending on how much you know already. Some students learn what they want to know in just 2 or 3 days. Your training might cost $2000 to $5000. 

I have trained numerous students from thousands of miles away. I can help you find low cost, nearby accommodation while you are in Vancouver. Look at my site. Save up to $25,000 or even more.  


Vancouver Film School;


VFS Administration & Admissions Office
2nd Floor - 198 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1H2
Phone: 604-685-5808 or toll free in North America 1-800-661-4101
Fax: 604-685-5830

Making Films With Purpose
Film is the universal cultural experience of our times. Because of its beauty and capacity to weave together visual, intellectual, and aural experiences, we rely on filmmakers to interpret the meaning of events in our own lives, and in the world. Making films is a collaborative process which unites cinematography, directing, producing, scriptwriting, post-production, and design. As a studio that teaches, VFS houses all the departments to produce films at a professional level.

We integrate student productions with Sound Design, Acting, Writing, and Makeup departments, so that you graduate with a quality of practical expertise and professional skills most students of film wait years to experience.



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