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42 UP

Based on acclaimed filmmaker Michael Apted's celebrated documentary series, 42 Up is the companion book to the sixth instalment of this fascinating study of the lives of 14 British men and women. Apted began this groundbreaking series in 1964 by following 14 girls and boys from various walks of life at age seven, revisiting them again with the camera at age 14, 21, 28, 35 and now at 42. Offering an overview of this extraordinary series from the beginning, 42 Up is richly illustrated with 100 photographs that help tell the stories of the film's subjects - their failures, triumphs, hopes and dreams during a 35 year span.

Atom Egoyan

The first monograph on the award-winning Canadian filmmaker, Atom Egoyan discusses his innovative style, use of imagery and recurring themes. Critics and scholars such as Carole Desbarats, Daniele Riviere and Paul Virilio discuss the quest for misplaced uniqueness, the location of emotions through artifice and restoration of communication between images and imagination.

Brave Films Wild Nights: 25 Years of Festival Fever

Over the last decade-and-a-half, The Toronto International Film Festival has grown from a blip on the cinematic radar screen to one of the biggest and most influential annual events on the movie industry calendar. Now, Brave Films Wild Nights: 25 Years of Festival Fever by Maclean’s entertainment writer Brian D. Johnson celebrates this festival’s evolution through a broad-sweeping and compelling analysis of its turbulent and colourful legacy. From the heated wars over government censorship to its coming-of-age in the ‘80s and ‘90s where alternative film hipsters gather alongside Hollywood icons every year, this book offers an authoritative and entertaining historical analysis of North America’s premiere cinematic spectacle.

Budge: The Story of Canada's Movie Maverick

Budge Crawley was a one-man industry who hated government handouts and won Canada its first feature-film Academy Award in 1976. He was also a dynamic, vigorous, infuriating man who loved two wives and a girlfriend--occasionally at the same time. Barbara Wade Rose, a monthly columnist for the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine, follows Crawley from the creation of Crawley Films in 1939 and the making of his most famous, Oscar-winning documentary, The Man Who Skied Down Everest, to the 1970s.

British Cinema Sheet Music:A Comprehensive Listing of Film Music Published in the United Kingdom, Canada & Australia, 1919 Through 1994

The Filmmaker's Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age

This is the definitive guide for filmmakers. Completely overhauled for the first time in more than 15 years, this ‘bible’ tells you everything you need to know about creating and producing flicks. You’ll learn the latest on digital film making along with where the shifting boundaries between film, video and computer systems have brought forth new methods and equipment. Written by filmmakers for filmmakers, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is the essential guide to everything about making the movie you’ve always wanted to.

Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema

Canadian women have played a major role in their country’s film industry. Gendering the Nation is a collection of essays addressing the impact and influence of a century of women’s filmmaking in Canada. It examines such directors as Patricia Rozema and her powerful film I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, Alanis Obomsawin and Walker and Micheline Lanctot’s Deux Actrices.

In Search of Your Canadian Roots: Tracing Your Family Tree in Canada

Most people know at least a little bit about their roots, but how many of us know how our ancestors ended up in Canada? Angus Baxter, Canada`s leading genealogist, helps clear up the mystery of your origins with In Search of Your Canadian Roots. Throughout the book, he gives beginners clear tips on where to begin their searches and illustrates how readers can weave research into coherent family histories. Moreover, this practical and very easy-to-use resource offers an extensive bibliography for further reading.

James Cameron: An Unoffical Biography Of The Filmmaker

Motion Picture Restoration:Digital Algorithms for Artifact Suppression in Degraded Motion Pictures

This book looks at the design of automatic motion picture restoration tools that can be used for enhancing archive material, and reducing the storage requirements necessary for acceptable viewing quality so that data can be recorded on relatively low-cost media. An increasing amount of research is being carried out in the area of visual manipulation, aspects of which include Motion Estimation, Data Reconstruction and Human Visual Perception. Motion Estimation is relevant to everything in video processing, from reconstruction to robotics. Research is also being carried out in the area of post processing decoded video streams to improve the image quality of the film. This research also involves reconstruction. This book addresses both Motion Estimation and Reconstruction, and as such will be of great interest to researchers in both academia and industry.

Restoration of Motion Picture Film

Hardcover | 256 Pages | 8 x 10 in |
Published in March 2000 by Butterworth Heinemann

Stardust and Shadows

Stardust and Shadows brings together the stories of eighteen Canadians who were celebrities during Hollywood's formative years. Most of those profiled were known to Foster, and stories they told him about Hollywood's early days, enhanced by many years of research and interviews with other living performers and directors from the silent movie era, reveal a never-before-seen look at what the movie industry was really like in those early days.

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The 20th century`s leading art form is also its most profitable and alluring: cinema. From Hollywood blockbusters to European art-house films, Tom Sutcliffe peers behind the glamorous surface of movies in performance, narrative and theme to explore just how they work their seductive magic. Watching examines some of film`s basic elements - screen size, freeze-frame, opening shots and punches, revealing their extraordinary effect on our senses. Referring to film history and contemporary culture and featuring commentary by practicing filmmakers, this engaging book studies the pleasure we derive from watching movies.

So Close to the States:The Emergence of Canadian Feature Film Policy, 1952-1976

In the 1960s, the Canadian government finally recognized it would be of ‘national interest’ to fund films. Under pressure from key individuals, it made certain landmark decisions regarding Canadian feature film policy. So Close to the States recounts changes affecting the international and U.S. film industries as well as the Canadian industry’s future. It’s a revealing look at the relationship between culture and state in Canada and the shadow cast by our southern neighbours.

Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television 2000: Qui est Qui au Cinema et a la Television au Canada Edition 2000

Atom Egoyan. Sarah Polley. Don McKellar. David Cronenberg. Whether you're a media professional or just an avid filmbuff, you'll enjoy this directory of our nation's brightest film and television luminaries. Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television has the names, addresses, biographies and filmographies of more than 2,000 writers, directors,producers and behind-the-scenes specialists, and is a catalogue of some of our nation's greatest talent. Best of all, this volume is completely revised and includes even the latest information about the people who make Canadian film and TV happen.

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