Design of Humankind Credits

The Players:

Z - Michael Shewchuk

A - Jodi Larratt

B - Ryan Anderson

C - Lenard A. Blackburn

D - Teri Rata Loretto
The Crew:

Written and Directed by Christopher Redmond

Unit Production Manager - Angie Chiang

Director of Photography - Firuz Daud

Sound Engineer- Tarek Al-Zand

Production Design - Nick DeSalvo

Production Assistant - Peter Klimas.

Sound Mix and Colour Timing - Sean McVeigh

Lighting - F. Duad, T. Al-Zand and C. Redmond

Editor - Christopher Redmond

Music - Pascal Aka

Script Supervisor - Ian Driscoll

Opening Space Sequence - Isabelle Hertanto

Make up/Photography - Angie Chiang

Website Design - Dale Gervais

Executive Producer - Parviz Yazdani


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