My Story

I have always had an interest in photography since I was able to get my hands on my fathers old Minolta 8mm cine camera. More interested in writing for the screen, I was able to gain entrance to York University's Film Program. During the summer breaks I was able to find employment as a summer student with the National Achives of Canada. Working on some of Canada's great film collections had reignited a passion for some of Canada's great photographic talent, both still and cine. Seeing a lack of presence on the web, I decided to launch my first website;;

" seeks to celebrate, inform, and entertain its visitors through information, history, and links that celebrate the art, style, and history of the men and women that recorded our nations cinema past."

During my years with Library & Archives Canada (formerly National Archives), I had a chance encounter with George Hunter who was visiting the new Gatineau facility to view some of his photographs. I had previously contacted George regarding research I had been doing involving photographers with the Canadian Film and Photo Unit.

What began as a simple request to obtain a signed photo of him posing with one of his camera's has now evolved into an online showcase of some of Canada's great photographers. It only seemed natural to post and share these great photographer's online, along with their links and bios.

Browse the gallery, read the bios, visit the links, buy their books, seek out their photographic collections, and celebrate some of this nations great photographic artists.

Dale Gervais

PHOTO: George Hunter with Dale Gervais 2011

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George Hunter and Dale Gervais