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Christian Gavin Canadian wildlife photographer

Christian Gavin is a Canadian wildlife photographer, a film maker and an actor. As a matter of fact, art isn't a new thing for him. It's while spending time in Los Angeles and New York during the nineties, that Christian discovers his true passion for the visual arts. After taking up acting classes with respected names in Hollywood, and appearing in several independent movies; Christian decides that it is time for him to follow his dreams, and begin a new career as a film maker. After many years in movie making, Christian discovers a different form of art; "still photography".

His life as a photographer is quite new, but because of his passion for art, Christian jumped right in, and progressed very rapidly. Wildlife and nature photography is now a way for him to express himself through a different form of visual art. It is a lot more than just capturing a moment on a memory card, It is trying to create a work of art, with each shutter click. Christian started out as a landscape photographer, to shift to what he now believes is his two main interests; bird and macro photography. Never before Christian would have thought, that a flower or a bug could be so amazing to watch. That even the smallest bird that we usually take for granted, could be blessed with such amazing colors. So, two photo books, and articles in different north American journal later, his passion for nature photography is still growing and has definitely become a part of him.

Christian's work can be seen via two photo books called "Gifts From Nature" and "my passion for HEARTBEATING SUBJECTS". Also, some of his photos have been chosen as winners in photography contests, and two of them were picked out by the NG as monthly favourites. Art galleries in Montreal and Toronto, provided Christian's work some visibility by showing some of his pictures. For the last ten months, Christian is also giving photography classes and seminars, to macro photographers enthusiasts.

Christian likes to call himself an "old school photographer". Keep in mind that this is just his humble opinion, but he does believe that in order to become a better photographer, one should spend more time behind the camera, than in front of a computer processing photographs. It is hard for him to understand, why most of today's photographers get into the habit of overly processing already beautiful photos. After all, nature isn't perfect, so why would his photos? Maybe this is the artist in him talking, but he sees his camera as his paint brush, not the editing software or the computer. Either way, according to Christian, there is only one recipe to success in photography: "Go out as often as possible, and shoot as often as possible". This is what he is trying to do, and hopefully will achieve it someday. For most photographers, wildlife photography is much more than just a hobby, it's a passion. And Christian is certainly no exception to it. Lying down in the snow at subzero temperature, waiting for the subject to show its face, or burning many kilometers a day at a 35 c., just to reach the pond where the coveted birds can be seen; that is what makes you a nature photographer. And that's what makes Christian thriving on wildlife photography.


PHOTO CREDIT: Michka Belaieff

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