Marius Barbeau and Early Ethnographic Cinema

by Lynda Jessup

Marius Barbeau (1883-1969) played a vital role in shaping Canadian culture in the twentieth century. This essay by Lynda Jessup, which deals with Barbeau’s foundational role in early ethnographic cinema, is taken from Around and About Marius Barbeau: Modelling Twentieth-Century Culture, a collection of papers by scholars from a range of disciplines, that extends discussion about Barbeau beyond the life and work framework by providing critical and interpretive approaches to the different aspects of the ethnographer’s practice. Rooted in the premise that Barbeau’s cultural work – in anthropology, fine arts, music, film, folklore studies, fiction, historiography – cannot be read uni-dimensionally, the sixteen articles that comprise this book demonstrate that by merging disciplinary perspectives about Barbeau, evaluations and understandings of the situation around Barbeau can be deepened.

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