Canadian Film Pioneer Jim MacKay;

MACKAY, JIM (Beaverton, Ont., 1916-2002)

Animator who made substantial contributions to the development and application of new techniques in the early years of the animation unit of the NFB, and who later established the first major animation company in Canada. Initially a caricaturist, he joined the NFB in 1942 as a production assistant and joined the animation unit in 1943 to work on the Chants populaires series. He directed the first cel animation films made at NFB (Bid it Up Sucker and Joe Dope Helps Cause Inflation) and, in Stitch and Save, used an experimental technique of simple pen drawings on white paper. Ten Little Farmers was the first NFB film using coloured paper cut-outs, a technique he adopted with great success in Teeth Are to Keep and Stanley Takes a Trip. He was named director of the animation unit in 1945, but resigned in 1949 to establish Graphic Associates with George Dunning* in Toronto. When Dunning left for London in 1955, the company became Film Design. It is still in operation, specializing in educational films for children (including sections of Sesame Street), commercials and sponsored films.

DIR/ANIM (notably) Filez, Filez, ô mon navire, En roulant ma boule, Meunier tu dors (all in Chants populaires series, 44); En roulant ma boule (in Let's All Sing Together series, 44); Bid it Up Sucker (44); Joe Dope Helps Cause Inflation (44); Ten Little Farmers (47); Stanley Takes a Trip (47, with Grant Munro); Teeth Are to Keep (49, with Grant Munro).
REF: Cinema Canada, 30 (August 1976), 27-28.

(Used with permission by the author; Peter Morris; "The Film Companion - A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 650 Canadian Films & Filmmakers.
ISBN 0-7725-1505-0)

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