Director, cinematographer and producer who was perhaps the most important single influence on the development of direct cinema in the Candid Eye* series; he was responsible for seven of the thirteen films in the series. His characteristic observational style can be seen in The Days Before Christmas*, Blood and Fire*, Police and The Back-Breaking Lear. His work after he left the NFB in 1960 in order to freelance is less innovative (though he influenced the development of direct cinema in the USA), but includes several notable television documentaries. He returned to prominence in the mid-seventies with several major documentaries and dramatized documentaries, especially Lucy Maude Montgomery: The Road to Green Gables, Grenfell of Labrador, Dieppe 1942 and Fields of Endless Day (on Canada's Black population). He joined the NFB as a scriptwriter in 1956 and directed his first film the same year. He is also a notable cinematographer and, in addition to work on his own films, photographed many other films, including Country Threshing and In Memory of Summer (in the Candid Eye series), Primary (USA 60), Pinter People (69) and The Hottest Show on Earth (77). He has also produced a number of films, especially in recent years.

DIR (notably, Candid Eye complete): Emergency Rescue (56, & ed/seen); The Canadian Infantryman (56); The Days Before Christmas (58, with Wolf Koenig, Stanley Jackson); Blood and Fire (58); Police (58, & co-photog); Pilgrimage (58, & co-photog); The Back-Breaking Leaf (59, & photog); One Third Down and 24 Months to Pay/The Cars in Your Life (59, with Fergus McDonnell, & photog); End of the Line (59, & photog); Emergency in Morocco (60, & co-photog); Pilot X-15 (USA 60, & photog); Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel (USA 62, & co-photog); Arts in Cuba (USA 62); South African Essays (USA 64, & photog); The Hundreth Summer (64, & co-photog); Composers USA: The Avant Garde (USA 66, & photog); Marshall McLuhan (67); Christopher Plummer (67); Up Against the System (69); A Young Social Worker Speaks Her Mind (69); A.Y. Jackson: A Portrait (70); Henry David Thoreau: The Beat of a Different Drummer (72, & prod); The Time Machine (72, & prod); Lucy Maude Montgomery: The Road to Green Gables (75, & photog/prod); Grenfell of Labrador (76, & photog/prod); Labrador: Land out of Time (77, & photog/prod); Fields of Endless Day (78); Dieppe 1942 (1979).

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(Used with permission by the author; Peter Morris; "The Film Companion - A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 650 Canadian Films & Filmmakers.
ISBN 0-7725-1505-0)

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