Canadian Film Pioneer JUDITH CRAWLEY;

CRAWLEY, JUDITH (Ottawa, Ontario, 21 Apr. 1914-September 16, 1986)

Pioneer director, writer, cinematographer and editor, and one of the first women to make films in Canada, who often worked in collaboration with her husband Budge Crawley at Crawley Films, and has made a contribution equal to his.

She directed her first film in 1942 after working on the scripts and/or cinematography of several others. As a director, her principal interest was in films about children (especially the Ages and Stages series which feature her own children). She did not direct after 1961 but continued to write scripts, including that for The Man Who Skied Down Everest. Her films as director are listed below but her other notable work (functions indicated) includes: Île d'Orléans (38, scen/ed); Ottawa on the River (39, scen/ed): Canadian Power (40 scen/ed); Canadian Landscape (41, ed); West Wind (42, photog/ed); Birds of Canada, No. 1 (43, scen/co-photog/ed); Alexis Tremblay, Habitant (43, photog); The Loon's Necklace (48, scen/ed); Dangerous Journey (56, scen); Legend of the Raven (57, scen/prod); Beaver Dam (57, scen/prod); Craftsmen of Canada (58, scen); Saguenay (62, scen); Quality of a Nation (62, scen/prod); Global Village (66, scen); Motion (66, scen); The Perpetual Harvest (72, scen); The Man Who Skied Down Everest (75, scen); The Narwhals Came (76, scen); Evidence of Progress (77, scen); Song of Seasons (78, scen); There's No Place Like Home series (78/79, scen).

DIR: Four New Apple Dishes (40, & co-scen/co-photog); Who Sheds His Blood? (41, & scen); Know Your Baby (47, &scen/ed); Why Won't Tommy Eat? (48, & scen/ed); Creative Hands series (48, & scen/ed); Ages and Stages series (49-57); Child Development series (50, & scen); Food for Freddy (53, & scen); Top of a Continent (61, &scen).

REF: Cinema Canada, 2 (1972), 67-69; Tajibnapis, Foregrounding Women, 12-14.

(Used with permission by the author; Peter Morris; "The Film Companion - A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 650 Canadian Films & Filmmakers.
ISBN 0-7725-1505-0)

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