Canadian Film Pioneer BUDGE CRAWLEY;

CRAWLEY, BUDGE (FRANK RADFORD CRAWLEY) (Ottawa, Ontario, 14 Nov. 1911-Toronto, Ontario, May 13, 1987)

Director and photographer of many notable documentaries, including The Loon's Necklace (48), Newfoundland Scene (50), Beaver Dam (56), and Saskatchewan Jubilee (65), but best known as a producer (and head of Crawley Films in Ottawa until its sale in 1982) who might be considered the godfather of Canadian film and Canada's answer to Sam Goldwyn.

As a producer he has been responsible for a number of key films and important developments in Canadian film: the first animated series for television, The Tales of the Wizard of Oz (62); the second animated feature, Return to Oz (64); the RCMP series for television (59-60); the Au pays de neufve-France series (59-60); and several features - Amanita pestilens, The Luck of Ginger Coffey, The Rowdyman, Hamlet, The Man Who Skied Down Everest and Janis. He also gave many filmmakers their first opportunities to work.

He began making films as an amateur in the thirties, made Île d'Orléans in 1938 on honeymoon with his wife Judith Crawley, and made their first sponsored film, Canadian Power, in 1939.

During the war they made many films commissioned by the NFB,, including Canadian Landscape (41), and in 1946 incorporated Crawley Films. Since then the company has made innumerable films, many of which have won Canadian and international awards.

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(Used with permission by the author; Peter Morris; "The Film Companion - A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 650 Canadian Films & Filmmakers.
ISBN 0-7725-1505-0)

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